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Powerful, Dynamic Talks to "Spread the Gospel of Mental Health"

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Latest: Ryan was Interviewed on Fox10 with the Incomparable Erica Tatum-Sheade, LCSW!



Therapist - Speaker - Consultant

Ryan's Recent Talks

"The Marriage of CBT and Play Therapy" (with Erica Tatum-Sheade, LCSW) for the Play Therapy Associations of Virginia, Florida, and Michigan

"Leadership, Mentorship, and Connection" at the Applicant Reception for Class 39 of Scottsdale Leadership

"Suicide Prevention and Intervention in the Pastoral Context" at the annual retreat of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of North America

"Why Did You Just Do That? Understanding Classroom Behavior Through the Lens of Cognitive-Behavioral and Trauma Theories" keynote for the "Making T.I.E.S. (Trauma-Informed Educational Supports) Conference at Grand Canyon University

"So They Have Trauma: Now What? What to Look for, How to Approach, and When to Refer Your Students to a Professional" at the Making T.I.E.S. (Trauma-Informed Educational Supports) Conference at Grand Canyon University

"Parenting Without Shame" (with Erica Tatum-Sheade, LCSW) for the Parenting in Today's World Conference at the Franciscan Renewal Center

"Ethical Practice in Clinical Social Work" for the annual conference of the National Association of Social Workers - Arizona (NASWAZ).

"Parenting Without Shame to Become a 3E Parent: Empathic, Empowered, and Effective" (with Erica Tatum-Sheade, LCSW for Compass Christian Church in Chandler, AZ.

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Ryan M. Sheade, LCSW speaks nationally and internationally on a variety of mental health-related topics such as trauma, suicide prevention and intervention, and cognitive behavioral theory. Ryan is a licensed psychotherapist and social worker with expertise in CBT, EMDR, and Clinical Supervision of psychotherapists.


In addition to his speaking, Ryan also provides individual and couples therapy sessions. He uses his experience and expertise in therapy to inform his speaking and his experience and expertise in speaking to inform his practice.  


What People Say

Ryan is a gifted, caring therapist who delivers healing and understanding. He is passionate about mental health and helping others heal, and I would highly recommend him to anyone, as a therapist and as a speaker.

Andrea K.

Ryan is clearly passionate and dedicated to healing! His talk helped me to better understand not only the children that I teach, but also myself and my reactions. So highly recommend!

Michelle R.


8079 N. 85th Way Scottsdale, AZ 85258

(480) 261-5015

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